SD Gundam Guide for New Players

2014/8/25 16:13:49

Dear Players,

Below are some brief instructions for new players on how to get familirized with and play the game,please read carefully. 

1. Increase battle points - Gundam

    a) Gundam level upgrade - Your gundam level is limited by your Garage level which means your gundam level cannot exceed Garage level. There are two ways of upgrading your Gundam:  Absorbing and Training

        (both in Evolution Chamber).Try your best to keep your Gundam at the highest possible level.

    b) Gundam Reinforce - You can find this by clicking Gundam or Garage. You can spend silver to upgrade 4 different parts (weapon, armor, agility and energy). Upgrade and spend your silver wisely by knowing your Gundam’s priorities. 

For  example, attack Gundam upgrades weapon first and defense Gundam upgrade armor first.

    c) Plug-ins - There are 8 plug-ins for you to embed on your Gundam. Plug-ins are available at the Shop or you could obtain it from Hero instance.

    d) Gundam skills will only function after you activate them.

2. Increase battle points – Pilot

   a) Recruit pilots at Officer School. Orange S Pilot will only show up after 6 pilot spots are all activated.

   b) Refine your pilot’s attributes at Officer Admin Center. The higher level your Officer Admin Center is, the more attributes you could refine.

   c) The only way to obtain Pilot skills is to recruit Pilots with Skills at Officer School. You can recruit the pilot with skills, copy the skills, then transfer the skills to the pilot of your choice. Using Wisdom points to upgrade your skill and you can get

       wisdom by clearing stages.

3. Format - Giving the difference skills and attributes available between different Gundam, front row is normally for defense Gundam, middle row can place attack Gundam and back row can be attack or support Gundam.

4. Daily Tasks Recommendation:

   a) Sign in to get rewards

   b) Arena - Higher the rank, better the reward.

   c) Train your Gundam

   d) Collect friendly points - Go to your friend list and click on the silver G button beside your friends name. You can use Friendly Points at the Capsule Machine.

   e) Use up all free Levy times at Workshop.

    f) Recruit pilot with skills

   g) Absorb extra Gundam

   h) Donate extra pilot or Gundam after joining Corps.

   i) Finish daily arena task

   j) Finish daily Challenge task on your friend list

   k)Clear main stages and side stages

   l) Wipe out all available hero instances

  m) Join Boss War at 8pm

SD Gundam Operating Team