Main Interface

2014/8/25 16:58:48


1. Information Area

    It shows your current status and the resource you own including Experiences, Level, Vitality, your Avatar, ID, VIP Level, silver and Gold amount.

2. Task Reminder  

    It includes Main Quests, Sub Quests and Daily Quests. You can accept quest, check quest progress, and receive quest reward.

3. Game Functions

    You can linked to all the game functions through this tab, and the buttons will be added as you upgrade in level, including Gundam, Pilot, Formation, Capsule, Instance, Warehouse, Arena, Corps and Shop.

4. Building Zone

    This area includes the Space Station, Arena, Workshop, Morgenroete, Evolution Chamber, Officer School, Garage and Officer Admin Center. Each building corresponds to a different function; you can upgrade the building or enter the building to use the functions.

5. Friends List

    You can check on your friends, challenge your friends and help your friends.

6. System Setting

    You can invite friends, change music volume and find out information about the latest update.