2014/8/25 17:28:33


Plug-ins are embedded into the Gundam. Plug-ins can provide Gundam with bonuses for attributes. Each Gundam can at most get 4 plug-ins per attribute for total of 16 plug-ins. Plug-ins include HP, Attack, Speed, Dodge, Critical Hit, SP, Melee Defense, Range

Defense, etc. You can mix and match plug-ins according to own strategy. You can get plug-ins in instance drops, gift packs, and shops.

Plug-ins also has levels, higher level provides higher bonuses. You can also synthesize plug-ins within Evolution Chamber.

---Plug-in Synthesize

Plug-ins can greatly affect Battle Power. You can synthesize Plug-ins within Evolution Chamber. Rules: 4 same level plug-ins of same attribute will result in 1 higher level plug-ins of same attribute.