Renewal Announcement
2014/9/29 10:23:11

Dear players,

Thank you for your constant support to Fairy Tail.

As much feedback and bugs were reported by players during the time passed, our updated version will soon be launched for perfecting your game experience with the following content, the exact time may be somehow postponed according to debug process.


New Version 2.0— Rise of Darkness (a beta version)

Horrible dark magic era is coming along with Zeref’s awake, a dark mage, establishing a willpower of revenge by means of dark and blood.

A solitary dark cosmic is created by Zeref, catering for the re-birth of a dark era.

Brave mages make their indefatigable steps to search for an unknown future, whether great dreams and wishes doom or live, the light of justice could dominate the world or not, all these could be expected accompanying the results of long lasting battles between two mages parts, the dark guild and the legal guild.

The legal guild followers fight against Zeref, resolutely for bright pursuing while some other cohorts lose themselves in front of dark temptation.

Dark magic users make negative effects to the world to be indulging in dark, sacred magic users would have chances to be purified as sacred mages; each combating part gifted its own attributes and specialties.

Dark world bosses are renovated randomly, with certain possibilities dropped items, Lost Magic and rare sacred porps like Time Crystal Ball and Black Dragon’s Curse, excluding silver coins and Rune Shard.

Characters level over 70 would have the chance to be rivals in the Inter-Server, where start combats in the Dark World (World vs World) .


Confrontation between the dark and the legal, kingdoms countering and mages rivaling,

All the glory will be presented in Fairy Tail OL —Rise of Darkness


Entry requirements:

Level ≥70, each entry will consume 10% stamina of present level, losers of playing kill will be retreated to previous servers with a 5-minetus delay for another entry.


Playing Kill Models Introduction:

Dark World has four models: PVE Model, Union Model, Local Model, and Entire Model.

First entry into Dark World is defaulted as PVE Model, could attack robbers only instead of any players;

Union Model is a style of platform attacking while same platform attacks are unavailable;

Local Model is a style of server attacking while same server attacks are unavailable;

Entire Model is a style of indiscriminately attack.


Introduction of Bosses dropping items:

l  Edoras’ Charity

Increase 15% Life; effective while being put in packages

l  Fiore’s pride

Increase 18% Life; effective while being put in packages

l  Black Dragon’s Curse

Decrease 10% life and defense limit, increase 15% offense limit, fight has a 10% possibility to increase harm from 50%-100%, effective while being put in packages

Conditions of use: exclusive for dark mages

l  Thor’s Guard

Increase 10% defense limit, effective while being put in packages

l  Time Crystal Ball

Increase 4% speed limit, effective while being put in packages; increase the probability of Rune Trigger

l  Sakura Rains

Users expend 10 stamina, all Legal Mages recover 2 stamina and cost Dark Mages’ 3 stamina 

Influence Area: World

Tips: Users will be transformed to Legal Mages while legal mage’s light level will be upgraded directly; higher light level accompanying higher legal attribute

l  Black Snow

Users induce the world’s fall into darkness; swallow 1stamina from each legal mage and intake 40 of them.

Influence Area: World

Tips: Users will be transformed to Dark Mages while dark mage’s dark level will be upgraded directly, higher dark level accompanying higher dark attribute


More new functions are stepped up in production, such as magic merging system.

This winter! Burning up with Fairy Tail.




Operation Department of Fairy Tail



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