Exploration and Returning Voyage Introduction

2014/10/22 11:46:03

1. Exploration System Brief

1.    Entry Qualification

a) Commander levels up to 60

b) Click to enroll: One click will enroll permanently

2.   Opening time: All day long

3.    Play Ways:

Player uses his/her exploring formation to battle the exploring instance, and will obtain chest after victory. The chest can enter the player's warehouse via returning, and then it can be opened. Open the chest and you can get Star Jude, which can be used for advance.

4.    The max number of chest that does not return is 99.

5.    Exploration instance could reset.

6.    After playing the exploring instance, the HP and SP of Gundam will remained. Once dead. Gundam cannot battle and explore the formation; neither the pilot could the battle again. After instance reset. Gundam will be refreshed.

7.     Only Gundam reached Level 80 can join the exploring formation, while Gundam used in main force formation or mining battle can’t join it.

8.     Our system will select players’ worthy rivals on the basis of matching the ladder point in all servers. The higher the ladder point, the more extra chests to get.


2. Returning Intercept

1.      Opening Time: 13:00-20:00 Everyday

2.      Returning Intercept Formation: Player’s formation

3.      Returning Cycle Time: Each returning takes 10 minutes 

4.      Returning Purpose: Delivery the chests obtained in the instance of battle and exploration, which could be opened it in warehouse. A fixed number of 6 carried chests each returning voyage, less than 6 is unavailable for returning.

5.      Returning Battleship: The primary, intermediate, advanced, super, giant battleship, offensive and defensive addition respectively: 0%, 5%, 10%, 20%, 50%. Refresh the battleship; players will get the chance for higher quality battleships. The returning battleship is reset to Primary battleship every day at Midnight.

6.      Intercept: Playing kill with the intercepted players and chests will be gifted after the win over rivals. When the remaining chest is only 1, it cannot be intercepted. Ladder points of both parties will change after PK.      

7.      Intercept rivals

a) Matches players’ ladder points

b)Unavailable to intercept the battleships from the same corps


3. Star Jade Advancement

1.      Star Jade Introduction: Freight returning after exploration or intercept rivals’ battleships could gain star jade chests, and star jade could be got while chest is opened in warehouse. Star Jade has 5 levels and low ones could be synthesized to higher level in evolution chamber.

2.      Star Jade Function: Could be used to advance Gundam’s weapon, Armor, energy in Garage, the higher star jade level, the higher success rate of advancement.