Breaking News: Mystogan and Charles Release!!
2014/12/16 15:57:55

Players in all servers now have a good chance to gain supreme powerful companion Mystogan or a brand new companion with extreme statistics, white cat Charles.


Event time: 16:00 December 16 — 16:00 December 19 (GMT +8)

Event Details:

1. Accumulative recharge 8,000 Gold during event time could gain Mystogan’s Hat *45, and 15,000 Reputation to help you get Mystogan.


2. Accumulative recharge 12,000 Gold during event time, could receive the companion a white cat, Charles.



1.    All gifts will be sent to your mailbox before 18:00, December 19.

2.    Each account can only receive the gifts once. For instance, Alex topped up 12000 or more gold, he will receive a Charles only.

3.    O4games reserves the right of financial explanation and amendment of the details.



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