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Arena System
2015/3/19 14:43:24

Start-up ConditionWhen level 21 main missions done.

It is necessary to upgrade military rank to have more companions go fight. And you can gain reputation from arena to upgrade your military rank.


It is the fastest way to gain reputation.
There are free challenge times everyday, and you can buy extra times by gold. After one challenge, there will be a cool-down time before the next time. You can wait patiently or accelerate by gold. We will show you some players at nearly rank to challenge, you can improve your rating by beat them.

There are a few class of arena rank

Top 2

From 3 to 10

From 11 to 40

From 41 to 100

From 101 to 200

From 201 to 600

From 601 to 1000


ChallengePlayers could challenge 4 other players with higher rank.

150319-02.jpg When the first player to challenge successfully comes out, all players could see his report.

Arena Reward

Arena reward will be issued every 8 pm. The reward will be relevant to arena rank and player level.

Players will gain some universal coin and reputation when challenge succeed, and gain half serve when challenge fail.

The ranklist reward include universal coin, reputation and material.

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