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Equipment Enhance System
2015/3/19 15:33:21

Equipment Type

Main WeaponImprove MEGA particle damage/GN particle damage

Energy GeneratorImprove HP

ArmorImprove MEGA particle defense

ShieldImprove MEGA particle defense

RadarImprove GN particle defense

BoosterImprove speed


Equipment Level

1 to 3 new set of equipment every 10 levels

Equipment Quality

There are seven levels of qualityWhite, Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Red, Orange

There are different numbers of additional attribute on equipment of different quality. The maximum number of additional attribute is 3.

Equipment Socket

There are 2-6 sockets on equipment.

Equipment Set

2, 4 or 6 specified equipment dressed brings different set attribute bonus.

Equipment Enhance

Every equipment could be enhanced by universal coin, and the level of enhancement couldn’t exceed character level.


Equipment Refine

Refine the additional attribute by universal coin.


Equipment Inherit

Inherit level of enhancement of one equipment to another. If the level has exceeded level of character, the rest of universal coin will be returned.



Only equipment of purple or above quality at level 50-150 could be upgraded. It costs a dedicated material of corresponding level to upgrade equipment.


  Only upgraded equipment could be retrofitted. It costs retrofit card to retrofit, after. When the process over, skills from retrofit card will be transferred to equipment randomly, and the retrofit card will pass away.

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