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Game Introduction
2015/3/19 17:05:02

Game Features:

1Open the browser with internet and you can enter the game without installation

2Game modes like entertaining, competing and communication

3Through focusing on developing multiplayer interaction, we can handle thousands-people group interaction

4Diverse Gundam characters and machine structures, made distinct roles with different personality

5Pleasant GUI, smart mouseleft, fluency interaction mode

6Recruit companions, training guards, oppose world BOSS, marine battle, every player could play the game in different ways.

7Remind players regularly to fight the world Boss everyday. Players will realize the significance of unity.

8Delicate companion developing mode express every player’s individual favor.

9Interaction among friends strengthen the rhythm of the game and make a harmony community.

10Thousands of equipment, hundreds of characters and enemies, three major forces. Players desire of performance or exploration would be satisfied from all sides, and all kinds of players could enjoy the happiness excitement from ‘GunDam Online’.

Game function introduction

Create Character

1. Choose your favorite profession

a Innovator

b Coordinator

c New Type

There are three professions in GunDam Online, and each profession concludes different machine bodies like versatile type, breaking type and. Each profession has male and female characters with unique shape and feature like gorgeous lady, lovely loli or genial girls. Players could choose profession based on your own favor then carry out your cosmic voyage.

The male New Type is a mature handsome man who emerged from great vicissitudes in wars. His extraordinary experience brings him scars on face while he is totally pacifist and come the STAB with special mission. The female New Type is a gorgeous lady who has charming eyes, attractive smile and fair skin. You cannot even see her powerful ability of NT and the guys who are crush on ripe ladies won’t miss it.

The Innovators have prideful appearance and crazy heart. The male Innovator is born with fighting talent and impulsive personality. He is used to solve things with fist, which made him a troublemaker in the army. Eventually he was recommended to the STAB because someone has lost patience to him. The female Innovator seems like a harmless lolita, but nobody would feel easy to put her down. There is a violence soul in the face of the guise of peaceful.

Fans of Kira shouldn’t miss the profession Coordinator. The male has melancholic temperament, coolappearance and tender heart, while the female is a simple kind strong girl as a trusted companion.


Create role: Players could choose your favorite character and name him a individual name. Chinese,每个number and symbol are all supported.

Enter gameAfter choose and name your character, your wonderful GunDam Online voyage will start.


Companion System

There are 60 different pilots could be chosen in the game. Each pilot has unique ability so you can findthe one satisfy yourself mostly.

1. AttributeReasonable Attribute distribution distinguish characters into strong and weak.

a) OutputInfluence body’s Mega particle attack and mega particle defense

b) ICNInfluence body’s  GN particle attack and GN particle defense

c) ThrustInfluence body’s speed

d) SpeedInfluence body’s attack order

e) HPInfluence character’s blood volume

f) Mega Particle AttackBody’s Mega particle attack

g) Mega Particle DefenseBody’s Mega particle defense

h)GN Particle AttackBody’s GN particle attack

i) GN Particle DefenseBody’s GN particle defense

j) HitInfluence the probability of hit the opponent

k) Dodge: Dodge physical attack or magical attack for once.

l) CritDouble actual damage

m) resilienceReduce opponent’s crit probability

n) Armor Penetration Reduce opponent’s block probability

o) BlockReduce 20% actual damage, and deal damage as a normal attack on the opponent.

p) AllianceThe companion on the next position will get one more attack chance.

q) RecourseThe member who has max HP will take some damage.

r) Normal AttackIndividual attack

s) Skill AttackKinds of powerful florid unique skill.

t) TalentEach pilot has different talent.



2. Body Appearance: Every companion’s body is based on the Gundam world, which is integrated closely into the original. You will be impressed deeper in the game.

3. Companion Recruit: There are kinds of ways to recruit companion

a) Along with the plot develops, there will be new companions to recruit

b) Recruit appropriate companions by dealing at the hangar.

c) Recruit companions at different level by diverse chips

Level Select

The story happens in the Gundam world,  our hero will grow stronger over time and challenge enemies in diverse scenes.

World Interface


1) Return: Used to return main city

2) Level Point: Levels will open by character’s level and tasks.

3) Instance point: Instance will open by character’s level

4) World Background


Level Select Interface


1) Level fight: Enemies will appear in the scene, players can click them to start fighting

2) Level BOSS: The third enemy of each enemy group will be the BOSS of the level


Pass Interface


1) Hero Display: The character in the pass interface will be different if you choose different heroes.

2) Evaluation: The best will be SSS

3) Reward: You can get money and experience as reward after PASS

4) Draw: There will be 3 cards to draw after PASS and get bonus

5) Click anywhere to return after get reward

6) Check the reward from drawing

Battle Image

The battle image is the most feature of the game. Fine art designing and screen split make the battle attractive.

1. Position: Players can make 5 companions on stage at most. Every companion has his own position like Forward, Mid and Back


2. Normal Attack: The order of attack will be based on speed.

3. Skill AttackEach role has individual florid skill attack so that they could satisfy every player.

Fight Interface


1) Our Position

2) Warth Line: The body could use skill next turn when warth airflow appear on him.

3) BUFF Display

4) Hostile Position

5) Illustration of hostile roles’ TIP attribute.

6) Rounds remaining

7) Available skills in this round.

8) Chatting Frame

9) Skip Button

Friend Interact

a) Friend EventChat with friends, view friends’ information, and join the fleet with friends.

b) Reward TypeUniversal Coin, G voucher

c) World BOSSChallenge the world BOSS with players in the same service and get massive reward.

d) Fleet BattleConfront enemies with friends and exterminate other fleets in the battlefield.

Companion Development

Players could develop your companions to the best one in the Gundam world in diverse ways.

1.  Abilities of every pilot and body are recorded in role information, and players could check it conveniently.

2.  Ways to develop companions

a) Enhance equipment

b) Purchase assembly

c) Cultivate Guardian

d) Enhance the guide book

e) Enhance gene

f) Level companions up

g) Recruit stronger companion

h) Lighten more training point

i) Promote hero’s military rank

Information Interface


1) Hero’s name, profession and level

2) Experience bar

3) Personal informationStrength, fleet and reputation

4) Military rank

5) Daily army pay to get.

6) Total comat

7) Information of companions on the stage

Game Towns

Towns are where players gather in. Players can chat and add each other in town, they can also accept tasks at different level.

1. Interact: Players will interact in towns, like add friends or observe guardians.

2. Task: There are distinctive NPCs in towns, they will show players some target to challenge during different phases. Players can accept tasks from them in the meantime.

3. Observe: Know yourself and know your enemy, you will win every war. Players could observe other players’ companions’ attribute and equipment

Major City Interface


1) Hero Position

2) Hero Head

3) Team Total Comat Display

4) Experience Bar

5) Function Button

6) NPC Position

7) Task Shortcut

8) World Button

9) Event Button

10) Chat Frame


Garage System

The main way for players to get companions is recruiting in the garage. Diverse companions will be available to recruit when player arrive the level of 30, 50, 70, 80, 90 and 100.

There are 5 types of duel in the garage, as blue duel, purple duel, gold duel, one-click duel and one-click must win duel.

Duel costs universal coin or gold, and strong companions will significantly boost your comat.

Players can redeem experience card in garage, and use it to level companions up quickly.

Garage Interface

1) Currency Frame

2) Number of chips

3) Companions of diverse types

4) Flip Over: Check companions at different levels

5) Main attribute of companions

6) Players are able to click RECRUIT button when chips are enough

7) Use chips to redeem experience card.

8) DUEL button: There are 5 types of duel in the garage, as blue duel, purple duel, gold duel, one-click duel and one-click must win duel. Different duel make different chip.



As a main function of the Gundam Online, companion will go with players for the whole game voyage. And There are well-known companions:

UC SeriesAcguyYMS-15MS-07BRX-78MSA-099MSM-07SMS-09R2RGM-89MK-IIZZZgP-01GP-03S、、MSN-04Feilong

SDDE SeriesFreedomJusticeMBF-02AegisGAT-X207SRBusterImpulseDestinyAkatsukiLegend

OO SeriesExusiaiDynamesVirtuesGn-004Kyriotetes

Popular CompanionνGundamKSHATRIYAOOStrike FreedomInfinite Justice

BOSS CompanionChar AznableAMX-004GP-02AProvidenceBanshee

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