Update of Grand Magic Game
2015/3/27 12:23:04

Update Details:

1. After character’s reaching to level 70, a new logo “Grand Magic Game” will appear on the main interface. 


2. Click to entry Grand Magic Game


Pictorial View 1: First prize information of Grand Magic Game

   Pictorial View 2: Countdown of daily prize on 20:00   

    Pictorial View 3: Present ranking of players 

Pictorial View 4: Reward information of top 8 players in Grand Magic Game  

Pictorial View 5: Challengers and view button

          Pictorial View 6: Click “Return to Town” will be back to Grand Magic Game main interface

Pictorial View 7: Click Ranking you’ll see all players’ ranking order

          Pictorial View 8: Grand Magic Shop, could use credits to exchange rewards

    Pictorial View 9: Player’s ranking and credits

         Pictorial View 10: Player’s challenge times and cooling-down time after challenge failure 

Click challenge button to entry


Enter interface will see players formation

First team will be shown on interface, main characters could only be listed in first team, other characters could be listed in first or second or third team.

1.Winning ways

1) BO3: first team VS first team, second team VS second team, third team VS third team

2) If challenger has no characters in his team, while players team has characters, player will be judged as winner

3) If player and challenger only have characters in their first teams, winner will be the first team battling victor

2. Reward

1) Winner and loser are both have reward after battling

2) Every day at 12:00(GMT+0), players reward will be calculated according to ranking

Click GMG Shop to open the following interface


                      Credits could be used to buy goods in shop, purchase succeeds, credits will be deducted.

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