Breaking News: Mystogan and Elza. Knightwalker Rel
2015/5/28 15:01:40
Players in all servers now have a really good chance to gain supreme powerful companions,Mystogan and Elza. Knightwalker, 
two brand companions with extreme statistics.

Event time: 7:00 April 3 — 7:00 April 6(GMT +0)

1. Accumulative recharge 12000 Gold during event time could gain Mystogan, and 10000 Reputation.

2. Accumulative recharge 20000 Gold total during event time, could receive the companion Elza. Knightwalker, 
also 1000 Reputation.

1.    All gifts will be sent to your mailbox before 11:00 April 6(GMT+0).
2.    Each account can only receive the gifts ONCE.
3.    O4games reserves the right of final explanation and amendment of the details.


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