Breaking News: 50% Extra Gold Event
2015/7/31 17:48:46

Dear All,



We are pleased to inform that we’ll launch 50% Extra Gold Event on this day in late July- a sunshine day here.

Welcome new and old players visit our website to know more details:

Just imagine how invincible and noticeable you are some day when you equipped and enhanced properly ,If you like,don’t hesitate,why wait,come and topup right now since a special discount of 50% will be offered,especially our next game version will be coming in one or two months,you will stand out finally.

( New version:The dark guild will be coming soon,it marks the beginning of challenge of a new era in Fairy Tail,which has a influence on higher magic skills and higher mage.If the mage has been subject to influence from dark magic,he or she have to fight against dark guild and finally defeat them to change back their appearance .Now ,it’s time to enhance your strength and your companions’ for new tough journey .

The second magic resource will be released as well,we will not increase the maximum of character level,the highest is 120levle,new magic resource function will make players emphasize on enhancing themselves not only in pursuit of the highest level .At that time The appearance of character will vary with their growing up,thereby player will take it easy to enjoy game ,feel the game quality better and better.


Enjoy game and have a nice day.

More details as follows



 Time: 7:00 July 31st -7:00 August 3rd (GMT +0)


Server: All Servers


Accumulative top up 250 gold or more during event time will get 50% extra gold.

Extra Gold will be sent to qualified players before 11:00, August 3rd(GMT+0).


 O4 Games reserves the final explanation of this event.


Our official website:
















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