Merely for players on Server 127 and 131
24/02/2017 14:21

Dear all,


We have mentioned players from server 127 and 131 are unable to login permanently,so we would like to help them transfer into other servers ,certainly you can also stay 127 or 131 server, likewise, compensate triple golds based on their recharging before with a large number of staminas to stimulate them to upgrade fastly,the more details as follows

Mainly transfer Vip,Gold according to top-up *3 ,Charle wing or Pather Lily which you have got before.

Email us with format :your account, character,server , Vip and which server you want to transter to.(Our customer service mailbox :


We apologize for an inconvenience caused,hope this is a better solution for you,we welcome your other opinions about this issue as well.





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